Almost Only Counts

In horseshoes and hand grenades. Trust me when I say I wish I’d a little of both while watching Good Morning America this morning. Gosh, what a debacle that was. The publicity push I mean. It even featured the Rev. Al Sharpton claiming Caroline Kennedy shouldn’t be excluded from consideration just because she doesn’t belong to a good ole boy or good ole girl network. I lost my mouthful of coffee on that one. He said it with a straight face too.

I had a nice little rant all written up about it too, but I’m so freaking tired of negativity, almost as tired as I am of the lop-sided games these sick fucks play with our lives. Ponzi my ass. It’s all a ponzi, right? It was a $700 Billion dollar ponzi scheme they rushed through because those with a modicum of privileged freaked out over protecting what little they had, even if that meant bailing out people who did not deserve it and who where protecting their “right” to hoard and gorge. I told you. I wasn’t the only one.

Oh well. So I just spit out a little negativity, just enough to ease the pressure.


2 comments on “Almost Only Counts

  1. insightanalytical says:

    It’s all DISGUSTING! I don’t even watch this crap anymore….RE: Kennedy. When the experienced women (or men, for that matter) who worked their way up over years of dealing with the politics and representing actual constituents get passed over…there’s this…It will blow your mind if you haven’t seen this… AIKO

    Of Robots and Women and Our Current Life in the Village of Stepford (Antidote on the Way?)(A Double Post by kenosha Marge and InsightAnalytical-GRL)

    Don’t have a stroke when you see this…

  2. Anna Belle says:

    I hear you IA. I wouldn’t have been watching except I had to watch that channel for school closing reports. Thanks for the link…that was a great article. I was truly disgusted.

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